SMART (Symbicort ) Counselling Service

The purpose of this information session is to ensure you know all about your SYMBICORT inhaler and to help you get the benefits it offers.

The service requires a 10 minute consultation within a private room in the pharmacy.

The topics the Pharmacist will cover includes:

  • Causes of your asthma
  • What common inhalers are used in asthma and when it is appropriate to use them
  • Practice using your SYMBICORT inhaler
  • How SYMBICORT works within your lungs
  • Tips and hints about using your inhaler

A fridge magnet will also be given which summarises all the information covered in the session.

If you are currently getting prescribed a SYMBICORT inhaler as a preventer and reliever and want to enquire about the service, call the pharmacy to make an appointment or stop into the pharmacy.